GCEA will be hosting a series of webinars over the next several months*.
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10/10/17 – 7 pm CST Mobile Development and Prototyping with Axure RP – Kip Mitchell, Axure
Want to add mobile prototyping to your offerings at school? Tune in to this live webinar as Kip Mitchell gives us an overview of mobile and web workflow, as well as shows us how to use Axure RP in the classroom. You don’t have Axure RP? We’ll you may want to be on this webinar then so you can learn how to get educational licensing for free.
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11/7/17 – 7 pm CST Who’s in Your Backyard: Finding the Critical Partners for Support that Matters – Shaun Dudek, UW Stout
Tune into this live webinar to hear Shaun Dudek help you identify resources for understanding your regional demographics of industry partners, recruitment markets, and the data to support building allies. Additionally, you will gain an understanding that helps you Identify the value that you and your school bring to them.
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2/12/18 – 7 pm CST Hydrographics: Compounding your Curves with Crazy Floating Graphics – Dan Casey, Columbia-Montour AVTS
Want to learn how to apply graphics to compound curves like motorcycle helmets, bowling balls, hard hats and the like? Talk about exciting your audience? The effects are limited only by your imagination. Tune in as Dan Casey gives a tutorial on how to the hydrographics.

March (TBD)- 7 pm CST Intelligent Mail Barcodes – John Leininger, Clemson
US mail is complicated. But knowing the best strategies to increase your mail responses, while minimizing your costs is key. Join Dr. John Leininger as we delve into Intelligent Mail Barcodes.

April (TBD) – 7 pm CST Data Analytics and Visualization – Mike Sterns, Quad
is where it is at. Whether you are printing, building mobile sites, web pages or working in cross-channel marketing, data is what drives campaigns. Join us as we learn more about data, predictive modeling, analytics and visualization.

*titles and dates subject to change. Please check back often for updates.