July 27-28: In Your Home

Different experience, same benefits.

Although we had to cancel this year’s annual “in-person” conference at Ball State, we will be holding a virtual conference July 27-28. It will take place through Zoom meetings where speakers will share information to help us become better Graphic Communications Educators and Leaders. Through this virtual environment, we will also be able to carry out many association traditions.

This event will be free of charge. We ask that you register by July 20th. All Zoom meetings will be recorded and and as a membership benefit, all members will have access to the recorded sessions.

Registration has been disabled.

Conference Presentations Announced

We are excited to announce a top notch line up of engaging speakers covering a variety of graphic communications topics! There is something for everyone. If you see something that may interest a colleague or friend, let them know about the conference. The more the merrier!

  • Business + Science + Art = PRINT How PRINT comes to life
    Ryan LeFebvre and the marketing team from SPC
  • Adobe Dimension for Prototyping 3D Container and Package Designs
    Gabriel Grant, Eastern Illinois University
  • Creativity Engines: Leverage Network Effects within Learning Communities
    Chris Willey, UW-Milwaukee
  • Creating Accessible PDF files
    Dina Vees, Cal Poly
  • An Overview of Workforce Development and Promotion Efforts in Graphic Communications
    Donna Painter, Millersville University
  • Designing Interactive Motion using Adobe Animate
    Joseph Labrecque, University of Colorado-Boulder
  • Collaboration, Research, and Experiential Design in BFA Design Curriculum
    Abby Guido, Temple University
  • Painting with Light: Tools for Teaching Studio Lighting Online
    Erica Walker, Clemson University
  • Basic Photography Complete Course
    Rion Huffman, Pitt State University
  • Dye Sublimation – Custom Printing Masks
    Laura Roberts, Mattoon High School
  • Strategies for the Integration of Tablets in a Graphic Communications Classroom
    Amanda Bridges & Carl Blue, Clemson University
  • STRIPE Online: A New Tool for Print Education
    Nate Newsome, Clemson University
  • Students Rocket into Space (without a greenscreen)
    Jason Meltzer, Oak Grove School District #68
  • Leveraging your Graphic Skills for Personal Business as a Freelancer
    Mat Casner, Freelance On Fire/Redlogic
  • Call for Color Lit Posters
    Maggie Maggio, Smashing Color
  • Online Interactive Games for Graphic Arts Workflow and Imposition
    Richard Adams and Thomas Hoffmann-Walbeck, Ryerson University
  • Motion Graphics: A great introductory animation project using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe AfterEffects
    Sally Cramer, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Interactive Teaching and Learning Using Print—The New Reality in Education
    Harvey R Levenson, Professor Emeritus, Cal Poly
  • Career Development in COVID-19 Podcast
    RJ Thompson, University of Pittsburgh
  • Growing Print: A Look into the Minds of Successful Graduates
    Ryan LeFebvre, SPC
  • Design for 3D Print
    Shu Chang, Clemson University
  • Teaching digital marketing using Digital MediaPro simulation
    Malcolm Keif, Cal Poly
  • Embossing using a laser cutter
    Rene Church, Vincennes University, Ball State University
  • Remote Learning: Interactive Presentations
    Laura Roberts, Mattoon High School
  • Using Keywords to Optimize a Web Page
    Jason Reid, Pitt State University

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