The 96th Annual Conference will be held virtually this summer!

Monika Alters from the University of Houston will host the 96th Annual GCEA conference this summer.

Although the conference will be held virtually, you can view a video of the brand new digital media facilities in a recently-constructed College of Technology building at the University of Houston, serving Sugar Land, TX.


DATES: July 29-30 (Register by July 25)

COST: $49 members | $149 non-members.

Join us for our Keynote Speakers

Helene Blanchette

President, MyJane

From a Commodity Print Providers to a 1to1 cross-media communications Service Provider Training overview 

Many studios, agencies and commercial printers have invested in sophisticated 1to1 data-driven software and digital technology to begin the transition, however, the know-how on customer engagement, how to create and strategize 1to1 marketing services, how to price the service offer and how to deliver effective 1to1 communication campaigns/programs for clients, is an entire new world to tame.  From who to hire to how to deliver the service, leaders are adrift. What was a promising future can end-up in a major failure, costing further job losses.   Get a better understanding of 1to1 marketing and view the training structure, know-how and the tools available to help prepare their future employees.

Steve Bonoff 

President, Printing Industry Midwest

Steve Bonoff’s experience in the graphic communications industry began as a
consumer of prepress and print services as owner and operator of retail kiosks in
the Minneapolis area. He joined the International Prepress Association (IPA) in
1999 as Director of Member Services and was named President of IPA in 2001.
In 2010, Bonoff lead the charge to merge IPA with Idealliance. In his role as
Executive Vice President at Idealliance, Bonoff directed communications and
program development, supporting its members in leveraging the power of
emerging technologies to innovate their workflows and profitably expand their
businesses. In 2018, Bonoff took the helm as President of Printing Industries
Midwest, an organization representing one of the world’s epicenters of print
service leadership. Bonoff is a founder of the workforce development hub, Print
Industries, designed to recruit and train the next generation print workforce.

Theresa J. Cambell

President of PIA MidAmerica

Teresa has more than 30 years of graphics and print industry experience. After graduating with
a Printing Management degree from the University of Central Missouri Teresa spent nearly 15
years in commercial print operational management before being recruited to run a new print
program for Metropolitan Community Colleges. Here her leadership would be recognized with
the Educator of the Year award in 2008. She went on to launch her own successful print
business which she eventually sold. Today, Teresa serves as President of PIA MidAmerica the
largest printing trade association representing Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Western Missouri.
She is known in the industry for bringing people together to solve difficult industry problems
and has a passion for education in print and workforce development. She also serves on the
Print & Graphic Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors and the Graphic Communications
Workforce Coalition where she has been actively working to recruit workers to the industry and
implement an apprenticeship program. She takes pride in her unique ability to educate those
inside and outside the industry on the size, scope and opportunities across north America.