The Graphic Communications Education Association (GCEA)

is an association of educators in partnership with industry, dedicated to sharing theories, principles, techniques and processes relating to graphic communications and imaging technology.

Gifts to the Association’s general fund help it to fulfill its goals. In particular, funds from gifts may be used to provide scholarship money for those studying to become graphic arts teachers and to help graphic arts teachers attend their first GCEA conference.

The GCEA is a nonprofit organization established under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) category. Therefore, your gift will be considered a charitable contribution in whole or part. You should consult with your accountant for specific guidance on your gift.


We are a collaborative professional organization in partnership with industry, dedicated to sharing theories, principles, and practices relating to graphic communications. We exist to help our members become better educators.


Section 1. Provide leadership for professional growth and development to enhance student learning in graphic communications.
Section 2. Foster scholarship, research, and collaboration through partnership with educational and industry
Section 3. Advocate for the graphic communications profession and its career opportunities.

Strategic Plan

GCEA Strategic Plan v4b