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Estimating for Digital, Booklet, and Large Format Printing
Presenter: Hans Mortensen
The Power of Together: Fostering Collaboration and Active Learning in Students
Presenter: Monika Alters
DACUM Occupational Analysis of a Corrugated Packaging
Design/Customer Service Manager

Presenter: Lee Geisinger
Unleashing Creativity: Mastering the Art of Light Painting for

Presenter: Rocky Restivo
Snap, Edit, Share: Empowering Next-Gen Creators with Mobile Media

Presenter: Rocky Restivo
Responsive Design for the Web
Presenter: Richard Adams
The jQuery JavaScript Library for Web Interactivity
Presenter: Richard Adams
Figma Essentials: Design mobile & website prototypes
Presenter: Jason Reid
Significance of Engaging Students in Learning of Graphic Contents
Presenter: Devang Mehta
Empowering Educators: Harnessing AI for Graphic Communications Education
Presenter: Rion Huffman
Limits of Agreement with Measurement Devices: Bland-Altman Analysis Techniques for Teaching and Practical Applications
Presenter: Bruce Myers
From Digital to Analog with a Laser
Presenter: Charles Weiss
From Chaos to Clarity: Leveraging Trello for Effective Classroom Management
Presenter: Rion Huffman
A Sustainability Story: The FACTS around Paper, Print & Paper-Based Packaging
Presenter: Jules VanSant
CIP 10.03 Update
Presenter: Dan Wilson