Many of you have seen and heard the images of the City of Houston before, during, and after Hurricane Harvey. We have many GCEA members at the University of Houston and we are pleased to inform you that none of the Digital Media faculty members and none of their students were among those who perished in this awful storm. According to Dr. Jerry Waite, all UH Digital Media labs, both on the UH Campus and on the UH at Sugar Land Satellite Campus, came through the storm unfazed, even though UH Sugar Land is only yards from the Brazos River.

Among the UH faculty, Can, Harold, Jean, Jerry, Jose, Monika, Phil, and as well as all the Digital Media adjunct professors, were unharmed. Only Jean Pierce experienced severe damage to her home. The rest had water in the streets, but nothing inside their homes.

Although UH students fared well physically, many of them lost books, laptops, desktops, backup drives, and so forth. LOTS of students have had their cars flooded. In Houston, the lack of a functioning car is a tremendous disadvantage…especially to those students who do not live on campus in a dorm.

Several colleagues have expressed the desire to help adversely affected graphic communications students. We are providing you with the following ways you can help if you choose:

  • UH Cougar Emergency Fund: Student relief fund link.
    In the Search Funds tab, search for:
    UH Cougar Emergency Fund:Harvey-HC55074HA45
  • Fund for UH: Staff and faculty relief fund.
    In the Search Funds tab, search for:
    The Fund for UH-HC57692UA
  • The Center for Student Involvement will be coordinating donation drives on-campus to support members of the UH community who were impacted by Harvey. Please find additional information at Harvey Supply Drive

Please indicate “Harvey Relief – College of Technology” in the designation/comments/notes box on the second page when donating.

Thank you for your assistance!