To have a website judged in this contest, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. The student was enrolled in a graphic communications course during the current school year.
  2. The website was completed during the current school year.
  3. The website is active, on a server, and is easily accessible.
  4. There are two categories for entry: Website Design & Website Development and you will indicate if the site is responsive or static for either category (terms and categories are defined below).
  5. The entry form must be accurately completed.
  6. The entry form must be submitted by June 1 of the year you are entering for.
  7. No more than five (5) total entries per classification of Design and Development (maximum 10 entries for total) from any educational institution during a single contest period: completed from June 1 through May 31 of the normal school year.
  8. The website must be active until 31 August of the entry year.
  9. The teacher must be a member of the Graphic Communications Education Association.

Website design: A category for  websites created using Adobe Muse or blog-style web generators (WordPress, WIX, etc.) that enable creation without coding. Web design software that was used must be identified.

Website Development: A category for web sites developed using a combination of software and coding. Any software applications used must be identified.  If interactive components are used, specify if they were generated by the student or if a third-party plug-in was used.

Responsive website: has a design that adapts the layout to the screen size of the device that is used to view it.

Static website: has a design layout that remains fixed and does not change with the screen size of the device used to view it.

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